University of Minnesota – Morris

The Minnesota Higher Education “Listening Tour” will visit the University of Minnesota Morris on December 12. Senator Terri Bonoff, Chair of the MN Senate Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee, is leading the state-wide tour of Colleges and Universities designed to gather input from students and key stakeholders about ways to improve the state’s higher education systems.

“Each and every young person in Minnesota should have the opportunity to receive some sort of post-secondary degree regardless of their socioeconomic background, and without the crushing debt and joblessness that comes with it today,” said Senator Bonoff.

Thursday, December 12, 1:30PM
Student Forum, Oyate Hall/Alumni Room
600 E 4th St.
Morris, MN 56267

Special Guests: Senator Greg Clausen (Vice-Chair Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee), Senator Lyle Koenen, Rep. Paul Anderson, Rep. Jay McNamar, Rep. Andrew Falk.

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Colleges and Universities should be held accountable for how well they educate students.

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