Minnesota has a highly advanced post-secondary education system, with over 200 institutions serving nearly 500,000 students annually.

How would you shape the future of higher education in Minnesota?

Some of the ideas we’ve been hearing:

Minnesota should hold Colleges and Universities accountable for how well they educate students.

We must reverse the rising cost of tuition and make college more affordable.

Each and every Minnesota post-secondary student should complete some sort of internship or apprenticeship as a part of their program.

Minnesota Colleges and Universities should be leveraging modern technologies to make higher education more accessible and affordable.

Professors should be utilizing open resources to help reduce costs for students.

There should be a statewide transfer agreement among colleges and universities in MN to ensure timely completion.

Moving towards competency based learning will help bridge technological advances, such as MOOCs, with current pedagogy in higher education.

What do you think?
Colleges and Universities should be held accountable for how well they educate students.

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