9 reasons a post-secondary education is key in Minnesota

1. You learn to think critically, innovate, and lead.


2. It’s where you learn the skills in demand that set you apart from others.


3. Baby-boomers retiring = new jobs!


4. This.


5. No, seriously.

Where the jobs will be in 2018, by occupation and education level (in thousands of jobs)*
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6. Alumni networks.

UM Commencement Twitter Chief

7. It dramatically improves the quality of life both for those educated and for others in the community.


8. You immediately become more eligible to obtain a well-paying job.

Dartmouth Graduation

9. Being on the jumbotron is just the beginning.


Still, there are serious challenges we must overcome…

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Colleges and Universities should be held accountable for how well they educate students.

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